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Robert Jenkins, Owner & Craftsman

I developed upholstery and antique appreciation early in my life as I had exposure to this work through school projects and sewing influences from my mother.  Over the last 20 + years, I have honed my skills and incorporated influences from other occupations that I’ve held, such as electrician and antique curating.   After leaving electrical work as a career, I worked out of my home for 4 years developing my upholstery and have since made it my full time profession for over 7 years.  With my occupational background, I have a strong understanding of design, fabrics, and style as it relates to upholstery and furnishings.  I’ve also been able to combine my love of antiques with my knowledge of electrical work to design custom light fixtures. 


I take extreme pride in the quality of work that I produce.  I always work with quality fabrics and products to provide a professional and custom finish to each project.  I strive to meet client needs, while attempting to keep the original design influence and spirit of the project in tact, whether furnishings or custom lighting. 

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